Montana Code Annotated 2014

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     13-2-304. Late registration -- late changes -- nonapplicability for school elections. (1) Except as provided in subsections (2) and (3), the following provisions apply:
     (a) An elector may register or change the elector's voter registration information after the close of regular registration in 13-2-301 and vote in the election if the election administrator in the county where the elector resides receives and verifies the elector's voter registration information prior to the close of the polls on election day.
     (b) Late registration is closed from noon to 5 p.m. on the day before the election.
     (c) Except as provided in 13-2-514(2)(a), an elector who registers or changes the elector's voter information pursuant to this section may vote in the election only if the elector obtains the ballot from and returns it to the location designated by the county election administrator.
     (2) If an elector has already been issued a ballot for the election, the elector may change the elector's voter registration information only if the original voted ballot has not been received at the county election office and if the original ballot that was issued is marked by the issuing county as void in the statewide voter registration system prior to the change.
     (3) The provisions of subsection (1) do not apply with respect to an elector's registration to vote in a school election held pursuant to Title 20 [unless the county election administrator is conducting the school election and an election other than a school election on the same day]. (Bracketed language void on occurrence of contingency--sec. 64, Ch. 336, L. 2013.)

     History: En. Sec. 1, Ch. 286, L. 2005; amd. Sec. 5, Ch. 273, L. 2007; amd. Sec. 10, Ch. 297, L. 2009; amd. Sec. 13, Ch. 242, L. 2011; amd. Sec. 12, Ch. 336, L. 2013.

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