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     20-7-904. Review and recommendations of proposals. (1) The policies of the board of public education must assure that program proposals submitted by school districts to the superintendent of public instruction contain:
     (a) evidence that identification procedures are comprehensive and appropriate;
     (b) a program description including stated needs and measurable objectives designed to meet those needs;
     (c) evidence that the activities are appropriate and will serve to achieve the program objectives; and
     (d) a method to evaluate the effectiveness of the program.
     (2) School districts may request assistance from the staff of the superintendent in formulating program proposals.
     (3) The superintendent of public instruction shall supervise and coordinate the programs for gifted and talented children by:
     (a) recommending to the board of public education the adoption of those policies necessary to establish a planned and coordinated program; and
     (b) establishing a procedure for review and approval of program proposals.

     History: En Sec. 4, Ch. 310, L. 1979; amd. Sec. 3, Ch. 312, L. 1983.

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