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     23-5-413. Raffle prizes -- investigations -- rulemaking. (1) (a) The department shall investigate all violations of this part.
     (b) The department may adopt rules to require recordkeeping for receipts and payouts under this part and to establish procedures to ensure the fair selection of winners.
     (2) (a) A person or organization conducting a raffle shall own all prizes to be awarded as part of the raffle before the sale of any tickets.
     (b) The value of a prize awarded for an individual ticket for a raffle conducted by a person or an organization may not exceed $5,000. Prizes may not be combined in any manner to increase the ultimate value of the prize awarded for each ticket.
     (c) The provisions of subsections (2)(a) and (2)(b) do not apply to a nonprofit organization, a college, a university, a public school district as provided in 20-6-101 and 20-6-701, or a nonpublic school as described in 20-5-102(2)(e). The proceeds from the sale of tickets for a raffle conducted by a nonprofit organization, college, university, or school district may be used only for charitable purposes or to pay for prizes and may not be used for the administrative costs of conducting the raffle.
      (3) (a) The sale of raffle tickets authorized by this part is restricted to events and participants within the geographic confines of the state.
     (b) The sale of raffle tickets may not be conducted over the internet. All raffle announcements or advertisements conducted over the internet must include this sale restriction, the name of the organization offering the raffle, and all raffle terms.

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