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     37-3-104. Medical assistants -- guidelines. (1) The board shall adopt guidelines by administrative rule for:
     (a) the performance of administrative and clinical tasks by a medical assistant that are allowed to be delegated by a physician or podiatrist, including the administration of medications; and
     (b) the level of physician or podiatrist supervision required for a medical assistant when performing specified administrative and clinical tasks delegated by a physician or podiatrist. However, the board shall adopt a rule requiring onsite supervision of a medical assistant by a physician or podiatrist for invasive procedures, administration of medication, or allergy testing.
     (2) The physician or podiatrist who is supervising the medical assistant is responsible for:
     (a) ensuring that the medical assistant is competent to perform clinical tasks and meets the requirements of the guidelines;
     (b) ensuring that the performance of the clinical tasks by the medical assistant is in accordance with the board's guidelines and good medical practice; and
     (c) ensuring minimum educational requirements for the medical assistant.
     (3) The board may hold the supervising physician or podiatrist responsible in accordance with 37-1-410 or 37-3-323 for any acts of or omissions by the medical assistant acting in the ordinary course and scope of the assigned duties.

     History: En. Sec. 5, Ch. 85, L. 2003.

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