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     40-6-113. Evidence relating to paternity. Evidence relating to paternity may include:
     (1) evidence of sexual intercourse between the mother and alleged father at any possible time of conception;
     (2) an expert's opinion concerning the statistical probability of the alleged father's paternity based upon the duration of the mother's pregnancy;
     (3) blood test results, weighted in accordance with evidence, if available, of the statistical probability of the alleged father's paternity;
     (4) medical or anthropological evidence relating to the alleged father's paternity of the child based on tests performed by experts. If a man has been identified as a possible father of the child, the court may, and upon request of a party shall, require the child, the mother, and the man to submit to appropriate tests; and
     (5) all other evidence relevant to the issue of paternity of the child.

     History: En. 61-313 by Sec. 13, Ch. 512, L. 1975; R.C.M. 1947, 61-313.

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