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     87-4-304. License classification and fees. (1) The following classes of licenses may be issued and the following fees charged for the licenses:
     (a) resident fur dealer's license, $10;
     (b) nonresident fur dealer's license:
     (i) the same as the fee charged in the nonresident's state of residence for a Montana fur dealer seeking licensure in that state; or
     (ii) if the nonresident's state does not issue a nonresident fur dealer's license, $50;
     (c) fur dealer's agent's license, $10.
     (2) A person who is employed by a resident or nonresident fur dealer as a traveling fur buyer is considered a fur dealer's agent. A fur dealer's agent's license may be issued to any person who is employed as a fur buyer by a licensed resident or licensed nonresident fur dealer, providing that it is the responsibility of each fur dealer and fur dealer's agent to have the proper license before buying or dealing in furs as defined in 87-4-301.

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