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Part 1. General Provisions

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7-3-101. Compliance with constitution.
7-3-102. Adoption of alternative form.
7-3-103. Amendment of self-government charter or adopted alternative form of government -- election.
7-3-104. Limitation on change in alternative form.
7-3-105. Plan of government.
7-3-106. Effect of change in government.
7-3-107. through reserved.
7-3-111. Statutory basis for elected county official government.
7-3-112. Statutory basis for county manager government.
7-3-113. Statutory basis for municipal council-mayor government.
7-3-114. Statutory basis for municipal commission-manager government.
7-3-115. through reserved.
7-3-121. Purpose.
7-3-122. Definitions.
7-3-123. Alteration of existing forms of local government.
7-3-124. Repealed.
7-3-125. Petition for alteration.
7-3-126. through reserved.
7-3-141. Permissible recommendations.
7-3-142. Requirements for petition.
7-3-143. Special requirements if consolidation recommended.
7-3-144. Special requirements if county merger recommended.
7-3-145. Special requirements if municipal disincorporation recommended.
7-3-146. Filing of petitions.
7-3-147. Availability of petitions.
7-3-148. Publication of summary and comparison.
7-3-149. Election on alteration of form of government.
7-3-150. General ballot requirements.
7-3-151. Treatment of suboptions for proposed alternative forms.
7-3-152. Effect of adoption of new form of government or change in plan of government.
7-3-153. Filing of approved plan.
7-3-154. Judicial review.
7-3-155. Three-year moratorium.
7-3-156. Effective date of alternative form or amendment -- officers.
7-3-157. General transition provisions.
7-3-158. Transition provisions affecting personnel.
7-3-159. Treatment of existing ordinances and resolutions.
7-3-160. Election of new officials -- subsequent elections of officials.
7-3-161. Organization of new governing body.
7-3-162. through reserved.
7-3-171. Purpose.
7-3-172. Purpose of study commission.
7-3-173. Establishment of study commissions.
7-3-174. Election dates and procedures.
7-3-175. Ballot form and question.
7-3-176. Election of commission members -- appointments.
7-3-177. Composition of study commission.
7-3-178. Term of office -- vacancies -- compensation.
7-3-179. Organization of commission.
7-3-180. Cooperation of study commissions.
7-3-181. Conduct of business.
7-3-182. Open meetings and public involvement.
7-3-183. Commission powers.
7-3-184. Financial administration.
7-3-185. Scope of study commission recommendations.
7-3-186. Study commission timetable.
7-3-187. Final report.
7-3-188. Special final report requirements -- consolidation or county merger.
7-3-189. Special final report requirements for disincorporation.
7-3-190. Supplementary reports.
7-3-191. Publication of summary.
7-3-192. Election on recommendation.
7-3-193. Application of other sections.