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2019 Biennium Budget Books

Budget Analysis

Vol. 1 Statewide  |  Vol. 2 Revenues  |  Vol. 3 General Government  |  Vol. 4 Public Health  |  Vol. 5 Natural Resources
Vol. 6 Law Enf., Judicial & Justice  |  Vol. 7 Education and Cultural  |  Vol. 8 Long Range

Volume 1: Statewide Perspectives

Volume 2: Revenue Estimates

Volume 3: Section A - General Government       

  • Entire Section A

  • Volume 4: Section B - Health and Human Services

  • Entire Section B

  • Volume 5: Section C - Natural Resources and Transportation

  • Entire Section C

  • Volume 6: Section D - Judicial Branch, Law Enforcement and Justice

  • Entire Section D

  • Volume 7: Section E - Education

  • Entire Section E

  • Volume 8: Section F - Long Range Planning

    House Bill 2 Narrative (House Floor version)

    Entire HB 2 Narrative

    Section A: General Government

    Section B: Health and Human Services

    Section C: Natural Resources and Transportation

    Section D: Judicial Branch, Law Enforcement and Justice

    Section E: Education

    Fiscal Report

    No information at this time.