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Special Sessions 1889 - Present

Note: The Senate of the 20th Legislative Assembly resolved itself into a Court of Impeachment for the trial of Montana Secretary of State Charles T. Stewart on March 21, 1927. Stewart resigned that same month.

Called by
Gov. Brian Schweitzer
Sept. 5, 2007
Appropriate money for fire suppression and disaster response and recovery activities in 2008-2009; approve additional spending authority for emergencies and disasters and eliminate time restrictions applicable to disaster and emergency declarations during fire season.
Gov. Brian Schweitzer
May 10, 2007
to May 15, 2007
Enact general appropriations bill for ordinary expenses of legislative, executive, and judicial branches of government and for public schools for biennium ending June 30, 2009; appropriate money for capital projects and information technology capital projects; provide funding for public elementary and secondary schools, authorize optional full-time kindergarten, establish quality educator loan and forgiveness program, and revise Governor's postsecondary scholarship program; enact tax legislation that provides both permanent and one-time-only tax reductions and rebates for Montanans, improves tax compliance, and expands business equipment property tax exemption; provide property tax incentives for new investment in conversion, transport, and manufacturing related to, and research and development of renewable energy, new technology energy, and clean coal energy; and create education trust fund with revenue raised by revisions to tax treatment of income and dividends of real estate investment trusts.
Gov. Brian Schweitzer
Dec. 14, 2005
Enact funding system for Montana public elementary and secondary schools based on definition of "quality" educationcontained in Senate Bill 152, in compliance with Article X, Section 1, of Montana Constitution and in fulfillment of requirements of Montana Supreme Court decision in Columbia Falls Elementary School v. State of Montana and remaining within a balanced budget, as required by Article VIII, Section 9, of Montana Constitution.
Gov. Judy Martz
Sept. 13, 2002
Amend House Bill 2, Chapter 23, Special Laws of August 2002, for sole purpose of providing immediate effective date and providing retroactive applicability date of Aug. 26, 2002.
Gov. Judy Martz
Aug. 5, 2002
to Aug. 11, 2002
Consider action on legislation 1) approving fund balance transfers as submitted by Office of Budget and Program Planning; 2) reducing general fund expenditures, including those exempted by Section 17-7-140 MCA, House Bill 2, any other appropriation bill, statutory appropriation, or language appropriation; 3) reducing non-general fund appropriations and non-budgeted transfers when reduction will increase general fund balance and any necessary statutory amendments to effectuate legislative reductions; 4) reducing general fund shortfall in revenue; and 5) amending House Bill 41 and Senate Bill 495 to provide for guarantee account in state special revenue fund.
Gov. Marc Racicot; Legislature
May 8, 2000
to May 11, 2000
Governor: Appropriations for economic development programs funded by Chapter 563, Laws of 1999 (declared unconstitutional by Supreme Court Jan. 20, 2000); clarify Chapter 269 bonding authority; and confirm judicial appointees. Legislature: Reduce taxes; loans from coal tax fund to midsized businesses; alternative livestock license moratorium; open-pit mining reclamation; oppose Missouri River designation; aviation fuel tax; tobacco settlement trust fund; insurance information and privacy; and federal estate tax.
Gov. Marc Racicot
June 15, 1999
to June 16, 1999
Ratify Crow-Montana reserved water rights compact; settlement for Crow claim regarding Montana coal severance tax; exempt certain speeding violations from surcharge.
Gov. Marc Racicot
Nov. 29, 1993
to Dec. 18, 1993
Balance 1994 biennium state budget; property tax reform; pension tax refunds; state building maintenance; oil drilling; confirmation of appointees; budget modifications.
Gov. Stan Stephens
July 6, 1992
to July 18, 1992
Update revenue estimates; balance 1992 biennium state budget; consider fund transfers; sales tax proposal; reform tax structure; hazardous waste moratorium; agency liquor store agreements; drought relief.
Gov. Stan Stephens
Jan. 6, 1992
to Jan. 17, 1992
Balance 1993 biennium state budget; consider privatization of liquor stores; revise payment schedule for estimated tax payments.
Gov. Stan Stephens
May 21, 1990
to May 25, 1990
Correct exemptions on natural gas production taxation; workers' compensation unfunded liability; prison construction issues.
Gov. Stan Stephens
June 19, 1989
to July 14, 1989
Education equalization; state spending limitations; new and ongoing revenue sources; office hours for cities and towns; disband Commerce Dept. litigation bureau; revise taxation of retirement income.
Gov. Ted Schwinden
June 16, 1986
to July 1, 1986
State appropriations and budget changes; taxes on fuels and regulated utilities.
Gov. Ted Schwinden
March 24, 1986
to March 29, 1986
Liability limits; revenue bonds; special elections; economic assistance.
Gov. Ted Schwinden
June 28, 1985
To correct action on vehicle fees.
Gov. Ted Schwinden
Dec. 12, 1983
to Dec. 17, 1983
Veterans' and Disabled Citizens' Law.
Gov. Ted Schwinden
June 21, 1982
to June 26, 1982
Problems at Montana State Prison and in adult corrections programs.
Gov. Ted Schwinden
Nov. 16, 1981
to Nov. 24, 1981
Appropriation of federal block grant funds.
Gov. Thomas Judge
Aug. 4, 1975
Six-mill levy for University System.
March 12, 1973
Finish work of regular session.
Gov. Forrest Anderson
June 7, 1971
to June 25, 1971
Continuation of topics from previous special session.
Gov. Forrest Anderson
March 8, 1971
to April 3, 1971
Long-range building 23 days program; sales tax appropriations.
Gov. Forrest Anderson
March 10, 1969
to March 19, 1969
Supplemental appropriation.
Gov. Tim Babcock
March 3, 1967
to March 18, 1967
Miscellaneous appropriations.
Gov. Frank Cooney
Nov. 27, 1933
to Jan. 19, 1934
Depression and federal programs for relief and recovery; impeachment brought against Governor and Secretary of State
Gov. Joseph Dixon
Jan. 22, 1924
to Jan. 29, 1924
Legislative appropriations null and void due to Supreme Court decision on gubernatorial veto.
Gov. Joseph Dixon
March 5, 1921
March 22, 1921
Tuberculosis sanitarium; tax collection system; school funding; inheritance tax.
Gov. Sam Stewart
July 29, 1919
to Aug. 11, 1919
Drought relief; highway construction; women's suffrage.
Gov. Sam Stewart
Feb. 14, 1918
to Feb. 25, 1918
Seed grain law; protect soldiers' and sailors' rights in their absence; state council of defense and state home guard; enact legislation to punish treasonable, seditious, and disloyal utterances and acts.
Gov. Edwin Norris
Dec. 27, 1909
to Dec. 30, 1909
Additional bonds for construction of Capitol wings; appropriation for Publicity Department; Bureau of Agriculture, Labor, and Industry.
Gov. Joseph Toole
Dec. 1, 1903
to Dec. 11, 1903
Labor disputes; mining litigation; district judges.
Gov. Joseph Toole
May 26, 1903
Louisiana Purchase Exposition.


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