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Legislative Branch Audio/Video Broadcast Help

Legislative broadcasts require the free Real Media Player to watch or listen.

The Montana Legislative Branch "Live Internet Broadcast" web page allows you to watch or listen to floor sessions and committee meetings in the Capitol as they occur. The "Archives" web page allows you to watch or listen to Committee meetings and floor sessions from the past. These broadcast requires the free Real Media Player to watch or listen.

Problems playing audio or video: If you experience difficulties with the live or archived stream(s), please see the Real Player Settings document. If that does not help, please call the Legislative Technical Support Help Desk at (406) 444-0912 or email the help desk Note: The Legislative Branch is unable to help with configuring and operating RealPlayer.

Problems playing audio or video on a other computers or devices: You can install Real Player on a Apple computers but not on ipads or iphones. The links should work in most popular browsers but Interent Explorer is the browser we use here. Please see the above paragraph for streaming help.

Real Player "Capacity Full Error Message": Occasionally our internal streamer fills to it's capacity. If you see this message in Real Player use this link for our External stream providerMirror Broadcast Site You can also try this link as a troubleshooting measure.

General Archive and Live stream information:
The scheduled meetings for a given day are listed on the Internet broadcast page. When it is time for a meeting to convene, the committee name on the page becomes a hyperlink to the audio or video stream. If the committee name is not a hyperlink at the time the meeting is supposed to begin, click on the refresh or reload button on your web browser. In some cases the meeting may start later than scheduled.

You must have RealPlayer® installed on your computer to listen to or watch live streaming. When accessed from outside the state network, the Internet broadcast page has a link to a site where users may download the basic RealPlayer® for free. State employees please contact your IT Support to get a licensed copy of RealPlayer.

Please note that a meeting may start late, and there could be some "dead" air (no audio) for a period after the committee name becomes a hyperlink. Committee secretaries turn on the sound feed when the presiding officer is ready to start the meeting. This is usually close to the scheduled start time, but occasionally there can be lengthy delays.

During a meeting, the committee may take a recess. When that occurs, the live stream will continue, but there will be no sound during the recess. Some time after the meeting ends, the hyperlink on the committee name is removed from the "Live Audio" web page. Until then, clicking on the hyperlink will result in a "File Not Found" message.

The audio recording for most meetings is available in the Legislative Branch shortly after the meeting ends. These can be found on the Archives.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How soon after a meeting end is the audio archive available on the Internet?

A: The goal is one business day. Often it will be available even sooner. Occasionally, if a backup recording is required, it could take more than one day.

Q: I get a message in Real Player about Bandwidth Capacity and it will not play my stream?

A: We have a limited number of licenses but you can use our Mirror site which is unlimited: Mirror Broadcast Site

Q: Where are links to meetings currently live streaming?

A: Committee and floor session links for live audio appear on our home page and are labeled (Listen) Internet Broadcast web page Approximately 15 minutes prior to the scheduled start time the name of the committee turns into a Link to the live stream. Press the refresh button on your browser to make links appear sooner while you are waiting and watching for a meeting to begin. When the meeting actually begins the picture if Video is available and Audio always will become live. The video links are labeled Watch Now and the Audio links are Listen Now. The committee name is the actual link.

Q: Where are links to past/archived meetings?

A: Archives can be located at Archives. The link is labeled Archives and is on the home page next to the Watch or Listen to Meetings: section. There is also an Archives link on the Live Listen page. Looks like: Archives Once you get to the archive page you choose either Floor Session or Committee and then choose your meeting by committee and date. This brings you to the meeting or floor session detail page where you can listen to the Audio and Video (if video is available), download both of these, view a PDF version of the minutes or Journal if it is ready and you can also new this session listen to the Bill Hearing for committees or 2nd reading floor sessions for specific bills.

Q: Can I download the audio and/or video to my computer?

A: You can download previously recorded meetings on the Archives page Archives. There are two sets of links, one for listening and if you have problems listening or fast forwarding it may help to download the file to your desktop for instance and listen or view it from there. As always if the video does not behave you can try the audio.

Q: What if I get an “Communicating” forever while viewing audio or video streams?

A: Download and install or reinstall the Real Player from If you have trouble watching the video streams your network may not have the required bandwidth capacity so you can try the audio only links. Audio live streaming and archiving is provided for all legislative meetings and floor sessions. Video is available for all floor sessions and select committee meetings but is more difficult to live stream. Use the Audio (Listen) link if you have trouble viewing the Video (Watch) link.

Q: What if am still having problems viewing or listening to Live Streams or Archived audio or video?

A: Please call the Legislative Technical Support Help Desk at (406) 444-0912 or email the help desk


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