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Special Audit Projects

Special projects consist of:

  1. Projects undertaken with a specific but limited scope. Generally these projects are undertaken to obtain information used to analyze a specific state activity that has occurred or is contemplated. Information may be used to determine whether audit work is warranted or feasible.

    Special projects may involve accounting, compliance, program results, efficiency, defalcations, or other matters.

  2. Internal projects undertaken to assess or improve the operations of the Legislative Audit Division. These projects may be assigned to any staff member and may result in oral or written reports to the legislative auditor or in the preparation of materials to be used by division management.

Legislative Requests

Legislative requests are projects undertaken as the result of requests by the legislature, its committees, or members. Legislative requests will be undertaken as either financial/compliance audits, performance audit or surveys, Information System audits, or special projects, depending upon the nature and scope of the work. Work done upon legislative requests may result in a formal written report or a letter report.

Other Services

The Legislative Audit Division (LAD) may perform other services such as agreed upon procedures, proforma financial information, or financial forecasts and projections. If LAD accepts such engagements, our work will conform to applicable professional standards, including Government Auditing Standards.


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