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Legislative Finance Committee

The Legislative Finance Committee (LFC) is a permanent joint committee of the Montana Legislature. To find out how vacancies are filled, what the powers and duties of the committee are, and other details associated with the Legislative Finance Committee, see the Montana Code Annotated, Title 5,Chapter 12, Part 2. Read the rules amended in June 2013 for the Legislative Finance Committee.

The Legislative Finance Committee meets during the interim between sessions to review fiscal issues. Meeting agendas, minutes, and reports will be added to this page as they become available.

For questions about accessibility or to request needed accommodations to attend or participate in this or any other Legislative Committee, please contact Lenore Adams 406-444-4456 or (with as much lead time as possible), so we can arrange appropriate and seamless assistance.

Next Meeting
Conference call May 9, 2018

Upcoming LFC Meeting Dates:

  • Conference call 10 a.m., May 9, 2018, Capitol Room 102
  • June 18 & 19, 2018, Capitol Room 102
  • September 6 & 7, 2018, Capitol Room 317
  • December 2018 TBD

Past meetings:

Other LFC directed committees:

Joint Subcommittee on The Changing Economy and Impacts to the Long-Term Viability of Montana's Tax Structure

Past meetings:

HB 639 "Results First" Study

HB 661 State Labs Study


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