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Legislative Branch Oversight of State Agencies

  • Legislative Finance Committee
  • Legislative Audit Committee
  • Administrative Rule Review materials
    • Legislature’s webpage on Interim Committee Rule Review Authority
    • Administrative Rule Review Process Flowchart
    • ETIC Administrative Rule Review Authority Memo
  • Interim and Administrative Committees

Samples from Interim and Statutory Committees:

Children, Families, Health, and Human Services Interim Committee
Examples of study driven briefing papers for CFHHS in re SB 405: Medicaid Expansion
Summary of Waiver Requests
Third-Party Administrator RFP
Examples of statutorily required or staff initiated reports and briefing papers regarding DPHHS Agency Oversight
MDC Client Status as of August 2015
SB 423 Developments through August 2015
SB 423 Registry Statistics

Environmental Quality Council
Cover letter that explains what EQC is doing.
DNRC flowchart and spreadsheet (also for FWP and DEQ)

Program reviews completed for September.
DNRC Ag and Grazing
DEQ Industrial and Energy Minerals
FWP Wildlife Conflict Management
Agency Program Reviews
Background: As part of its statutory oversight duties, the EQC reviews programs within
DNRC, DEQ, and DFWP (app. 0.1 FTE or 272 hours staff time each agency)

Economic Affairs Interim Committee
Briefing papers:
Department of Commerce
Governor's Office of Economic Development
Department of Livestock Budget Issues, Tax-Fee Memo
Department of Livestock Budget Summary
2013-2014 Member Issues: Milk Sell-By Date and Other Milk Issues

Energy and Telecommunications Interim Committee
Decision package for PSC program evaluation
Work plan decision. Evaluation due in January.
Work Plan: The committee dedicated .02 FTE to a programmatic review of railcar safety.
The committee will hear from the Public Service Commission concerning the agency’s role in
railcar safety. The committee may also learn more about changes made by the 2015
Legislature with adoption of House Bill No. 61, which significantly updated railroad laws in
Montana to clarify state and federal authority over railroads. The committee work product
may include recommendations and legislation. Tasks that will be completed throughout the
interim include:
° Agency presentation
° Panel discussion including railroad industry
° Bibliography of related materials, including audits, fiscal analysis, and court decisions

Water Policy Interim Committee
Programs for possible evaluation
Water Protection Bureau Evaluation
Decision: The WPIC will dedicate 0.1 FTE toward program evaluation of executive branch program under its statutory oversight. The WPIC and its staff:
• Shall provide a summary of each executive branch program, including recent fiscal analyses, audits, and emerging issues
• Shall coordinate an overview presentation from each executive branch program
• May coordinate a panel of the regulated community
• Provide limited follow up focused on the subunits from selected executive branch programs
• Include information that may be identified by the criteria in 5-5-215(c) (Sept. 3, 2015)



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