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August 17, 2000
  • Approved that the Committee recommend that the Department continue to meet with interested parties to resolve the issues surrounding developmental disability placements; that it work to establish a seamless system, meaning that it provide an appropriate level of service at the appropriate time in a client's continuum of care, and that it revise or eliminate commitment laws to present to the 2000 Legislature
  • Approved that the Committee write a Letter to the Board of Regents urging them to pursue the establishment of a dental hygiene program at an institution of higher education in Montana
  • Approved that the Committee write a Letter to the Commissioner of Higher Education, the Governor (see letter below), and the Board of Regents (see letter above) endorsing the current Commissioner of Higher Education's budget proposal that includes expansion of the WICHE and the University of Minnesota dental student slots. Motion carried unanimously.
  • Approved that the Committee write a Letter to the Department of Public Health and Human Services urging it to seek tobacco use prevention funds for dental health education and screening in Montana's elementary schools because it was an appropriate use for those fund
  • Approved that the Committee write a Letter to the Governor in support of the original Medicaid dental budget request to increase reimbursement rates for Medicaid dental services
  • Approved a Committee bill that would allow access by the DPHHS and community non-profit organizations to cars from the state motor pool when they become surplus to be used by recipients who are leaving the FAIM program: assigned LC0097 (watch LAWS system for in future).

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