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2003 Districting and Apportionment Plan Status

On February 5, 2003, the Commission adopted the final redistricting plan (with some minor amendments). Commissioners Sheila Rice and Joe Lamson submitted the plan to the Secretary of State as provided in the Montana Constitution. Bob Brown, Secretary of State, refused to accept the plan based on HB 309, which had been signed into law by Governor Martz on February 4, 2003. House Bill No. 309 required a plus or minus 1% deviation and the plan had been drawn using a criterion of plus or minus 5% deviation.

Secretary of State, Bob Brown, filed a complaint for declaratory judgment on February 5, 2003 requesting "the court to determine the constitutionality and statutory validity of the Statewide Redistricting Plan adopted by the Montana Districting and Apportionment Commission." A hearing for partial summary judgment on the complaint was held May 15, 2003, at the First Judicial District Court in Helena. Supplemental briefs were requested by May 29, 2003.

Districting and Apportionment Commission 2001-02 home page

The following districts are not to be considered final until resolution of the litigation.

Commission - Adopted House and Senate Districts (in dispute)

These districts have been renumbered and amended since December 6, 2003.

  • State Plan Overview (As of February 5, 2003 - see caveat above)

  • House Districts Map(As of February 5, 2003) regional maps below
  • Map with 1990 Overlay

  • Senate Districts Map (As of February 5, 2003) regional maps below

  • Legislatively-adopted Holdover Senate District Pairings in SJR 23 (April 10, 2003)

  • Staff analysis: table of comparison between Commission and Legislative assignments of Holdover Senators and other Senate and House District information.

  • Commission-adopted Senate Districts -- Pairing of House Districts into Senate Districts and the Assignment of Holdover Senators (February 5, 2003). Repealed by Senate Bill No. 445 (effective April 9, 2003).
  • Regional Maps of House Districts

    Northcentral Region

    Northeast Region

    Central Region

    Southeast Region

    Southcentral Region

    Southwest Region

    Western Region

    Regional Maps of Senate Districts

    Districting and Apportionment Commission 2001-02 home page.

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