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2001-2002 State Administration and Veterans'
Affairs Legislation and Recommendations

Draft legislation currently under consideration:

  • SJR 5 Subcommittee on Veterans' Affairs

    The following bill drafts are preliminary and a work in progress. They will be further refined, discussed, and amended at the next meeting of the Subcommittee, tentatively scheduled for May 23, 2001.

    • LC5551:Revising the Board of Veterans Affairs

    • LC5552: Amending the property tax waiver and vehicle registration waiver for veterans' with a 100% service-connected disability so that the waivers also encompass veterans' with a 100% individual unemployability rating
    • LC5553: Eliminating income as a criteria for determining whether a property owned by certain veterans or their surviving spouses is exempt from residential property taxes
    • LC5554: Providing that the surviving spouse of a veteran who died while on active duty or as a result of a service-connected disability is exempt from paying certain vehicle registration fees if the spouse does not remarry; providing that the surviving spouse of a 100% service-connected disabled veteran may retain the special license plates issued to that veteran for a flat $5 registration fee in lieu of other vehicle registration taxes and fees

  • HJR 8 Subcommittee on Voting Systems

    The following bill drafts were adopted as final recommendations by the Subcommittee on April 25, 2002.

    • LC8881: Prohibit use of punchcard voting systems after Dec. 31, 2003.
    • LC8882: Generally revise provisions on voting systems, vote count procedures, determination of voter intent, training. This bill was adopted as amended. The amended draft has not yet been posted, pending technical details still being worked on. A section-by-section summary will be posted in the near future. Contact staff for more information.

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