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Law and Justice Interim Committee 2003-2004

Rule Review

The Law and Justice Interim Committee (LJIC) is responsible for reviewing administrative rules proposed by the:

  • Department of Corrections
  • Department of Justice

The committee's staff attorney analyzes each proposed rule for compliance with the Montana Administrative Procedures Act (MAPA), which specifies the public process to be used when developing and adopting administrative rules. MAPA also provides that rules must be consistent with the intent of the state statute being implemented and that the agency may adopt a rule only if the agency has specific legislative authority to do so.

The LJIC will determine as a committee how best to fulfill its rule review responsibilities and will integrate this duty into the committee's regular work plan and meeting agendas. Any special activities specifically related to rule review issues being considered by the LJIC will be posted to this web page as appropriate.

The following documents provide more information about interim committee rule review functions:

  • Staff paper on the legal theory of legislative review of executive rules -- PDF file
  • Memorandum listing interim committee rule review powers -- PDF file


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