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ELG Interim Committee

Other Readings

Montana BPE Positions on Public School Funding and Structure, 2002-2005, by Kirk J. Miller, Ed.D.
District Spending
: Dollars and Percentage
Efficiencies from other states ESAs
Hathaway Success Curriculum
HB124, Montana Legislature 2005
Oregon Health Plan - OEBB
Oregon Health Plan SB 426
OPI Administrative Data
SAM Administrative Data
Distance Learning - Dean Sheehy Moe
Hathaway Scholarship Plan
Test Scores: International
Test Scores: ACTs by state
Small Schools Data - Jim Standaert, LFD (Revised 3/13/08)
Oregon Health Plan, June 2008
Performance Measurement Report
Shared Policy Goals: K-20
Bitterroot Valley Community College Joint Resolution
Facilites Inventory Final Report

MQEC Lawsuit Documents
--State's Witnesses
--Governor to Attorney General
--Memo Supporting Complaint
--State Response
--The Complaint
--District Court Decision, May 2008

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