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K-12 Subcommittee

The formation of a K-12 subcommittee creates the opportunity for (1) an initial review and framing of key issues that can then be reported to the full committee with findings or nonbinding recommendations, (2) deeper immersion by its members in complex education issues, and (3) a special opportunity for the four legislative subcommittee members to work side by side with four non-legislative members drawn from the education community. Although this subcommittee's remit is K-12 issues, there is broad interest in viewing the transition from grade 12 to higher education (or the workforce) more seamlessly. Thus the K-12 subcommittee may sometimes meet jointly with the PEPB subcommittee on education issues that straddle the purview of both.

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Sen. Sam Kitzenberg (chair) (D)
Sen. Dave Lewis (R)
Rep. Wanda Grinde (D)
Rep. John Ward (R)

BPE Member, Patty Myers
BPE Member, Dr. Kirk Miller
Ex-Officio, Supt. Linda McCulloch
Ex-Officio, Jan Lombardi

Meeting Schedule and Meeting Materials

September 25, 2007
December 13, 2007
March 13, 2008
June 12, 2008
September 4, 2008

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