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Economic Affairs Assigned Studies

Senate Joint Resolution No. 14 - Study of Selected State Labs

Based on the Economic Affairs Committee work plan, the study of state labs involves review of the following labs: the Department of Livestock's Veterinary Diagnostics Lab, the Department of Fish, Wildlife, and Parks' WIldlife Lab, the Department of Agriculture's Analytical Lab, and the Department of Public Health and Human Services' Public Health and Environmental Labs.

Timeframe for study:

  • July through December 2009 - Inventory of lab space, equipment, etc.
  • January through March 2010 - Analysis of inventory
  • April through May - Review of preliminary report and recommendations
  • September - Completion of final report and legislative drafts, if any.

Staff Reports: (to be posted as they become available)
--Final Report with Appendices
--Draft Report on SJR 14, Appendices B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I, J

--SJR 14 Followup to Questions from EAIC

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