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SAVA Legislation Review and Proposals

Requested Legislation

The following bill drafts will be introduced to the 2011 Legislature by the request of the SAVA Committee:

LC0148 -- Clarify sponsor notification for administrative rules

LC0251 -- Establish two money purchase plans in TRS for new hires only

LC0252 -- Professional retirement option for new hires into teachers' retirement system

LC0253 -- Amend MAPA to change required language of an e-notice of proposed rule


Review of Retirement Proposals - non-state-agency stakeholders

Pursuant to 5-5-228, MCA, SAVA is required to "solicit and review" proposed changes to any of Montana's statewide public employee retirement systems. SAVA may, but is not required to, request legislation to implement these proposals.

  • Memo explaining review of stakeholder retirement legislation proposals
  • Summary table of proposals and action -- as of May 19, 2010

Proposals from retirement system stakeholders, as presented to SAVA at its April 22-23, 2010, meeting:

Proposals from the Public Employees' Retirement Board and the Teachers' Retirement System Board can be found below in the section dedicated to agency legislative proposals submitted to SAVA for the bill draft authorization process.

Agency Legislative Proposals

Pursuant to section 5-5-215, MCA, SAVA will review agency legislative proposals at its June 24, 2010, meeting. An authorization of an agency bill draft is not an endorsement of the content of the bills and the agency is responsible for finding a legislator to sponsor each bill.

  • Memo explaning drafting process for agency legislation

Proposals from agencies, as presented to SAVA on June 24


  • The Board of Veterans' Affairs did not have legislative proposals for the 2011 Legislature at this time.

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