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CFHHS Proposed Legislation

By the conclusion of the 2010-11 interim, the Children, Families, Health, and Human Services Interim Committee had approved 10 bill drafts for iintroduction as committee bills in the 2013 Legislature. The bills are related to the committee's two assigned studies, as well as to monitoring activities the committee undertook regarding the Medicaid program and general health and human services issues.

The bills are listed below by topic area. The LC number listed first represents the number given to the bill during the committee review process. This link will provide a copy of the bill draft that was approved by the committee.

The LC number in parentheses reflects the drafting number assigned to the bill after the committee voted to introduce the measure as a committee bill. That number may be used to follow the bill's progress on the LAWS bill-tracking system before it's introduced. After the bill is introduced, it will be assigned a House or Senate bill number. At that point, either the official bill number or the LC number may be used for tracking purposes. Using one of those numbers in the LAWS system will give you the latest version of the bill as it makes its way through the legislative process.

House Joint 8 Resolution Study: Childhood Hunger

  • LCCF02: Provide Incentives for School Breakfast Programs (LC 120)
  • LCCF03: Provide Grants for Food Programs for Children (LC 122)

Senate Joint Resolution 30 Study: Childhood Trauma

Medicaid Monitoring

  • LCCF1A: Provide Payments to Medicaid Providers (LC 121)

Other Health and Human Services Legislation

  • LCCF06: Clarify Health Insurance Coverage of Routine Patient Costs During Cancer Clinical Trials (LC 240)
  • LCCF08: Revise Reporting and Investigation of Alleged Abuse at the Montana Developmental Center (LC 310)
  • Review Information Related to Maternal Deaths (LC 311; draft not yet available)

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