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Children, Families, Health, & Human Services Interim Committee 2011-2012

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The Children and Families Interim Committee is a joint bipartisan committee of the Legislature that meets between legislative sessions to monitor the Department of Public Health and Human Services; conduct interim studies; and generally review issues related to health and human services.

In May 2011, the Legislative Council assigned two studies to the committee: the House Joint Resolution 8 study of childhood hunger and the Senate Joint Resolution 30 study of childhood health trauma. The committee is also required by law to monitor the implementation of Senate Bill 423, which revises the state's laws related to the use of marijuana for a debilitating medical condition.

At its June 2011 meeting, the Committee decided to focus additional committee time on monitoring the state Medicaid program, as well. The committee reviewed a draft work plan in June and adopted a final work plan in September.

The committee's activities related to the HJR 8 study of childhood hunger, Medicaid monitoring, the Montana Marijuana Act, and other oversight activities are summarized in its final report, "A Look at Health and Hunger in Montana: Reviewing Programs for Montanans in Need." Activities related to the SJR 30 study of childhood trauma are summarized in a separate report, "Strengthening the Response to Childhood Trauma in Montana."

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     Final Meeting: Aug. 20-21, 2012 -- Room 137, State Capitol
      -- Aug. 20 Agenda
     --Aug. 21 Agenda -- News Release

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If you prefer to receive committee agendas by mail rather than e-mail, please send a request to the above address or click here to send your request by e-mail. Please be sure to provide your name and a mailing address and specify that your request is for the Children and Families Committee.

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