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Energy Resource Development

This topic was suggested in an effort to track a variety of issues related to the development of energy resources in Montana and to study options for reducing impediments to resource development. The ETIC dedicated .30 FTE to this work. Members hosted a variety of panel discussions on topics ranging from battery storage to hydraulic fracturing. Throughout the interim, the committtee also received updates on the:

During the interim, ETIC members organized site visits to a number of energy-related facilities and heard presentations by a number of developers and researchers to learn more about the generation of energy using different resources and technologies, the high-voltage transmission of electricity to bring electricity from power plants to end-use markets, and the distribution of electricity to end users. Many aspects of the ETIC's efforts in this area were discussed during tours of individual facilities and during meetings with representatives of the energy industry. A report was compiled outlining the ETIC's work in this area:

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