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Agency Reports and Advisory Councils

HB 142 - 2011 Session

HB 142 requires each interim committee to review all statutorily established advisory councils and statutorily required reports of the committee's assigned agencies. Under these provisions, the LJIC must make recommendations to the next legislature on the retention or elimination of any advisory council or required report.

Statutorily Required Reports

Agency Report MCA Section Due Date Submitted
Department of Corrections

Medical Parole
(no link, sensitive info.)

46-23-210 before 1 July of even-numbered years Sep 2010
Department of Justice Racial Profiling 44-2-117 periodically Sep 2010
Judicial Branch Information Technology 3-1-702 annually Sep 2010
Judicial Branch Attorney License Tax 37-61-211 annually at the first meeting of LJIC after end of fiscal year Aug 2011
Judicial Branch

Juvenile Delinquency Intervention Program

41-5-2003 suspended for biennium FY2008
Office of State Public Defender Biennial Report 47-1-105 biennially Dec 2009

Statutory Advisory Councils

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