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Law and Justice Proposed Legislation

Working Draft No. and Short Title

Bill No.

Final Status

LClj04 - Revise emergency detention standards HB 16 Enacted
LClj5A - Authorize restorative justice sentencing HB 72 Enacted
LClj5B - Restorative justice grant program under MBCC HB 71 Enacted
LClj5C - Victim impact panels for state inmates HB 70 DIED
LClj5D - Multiagency re-entry pilot project HB 68 Enacted
LClj10 - Revise DPHHS reporting in child abuse or neglect HB 74 Enacted
LClj11 - Eminent domain condemnation must include copy of handbook HB 45 Enacted
LClj2A - Jail suicide prevention statewide program HB 43 DIED
LClj03 - Jail suicide prevention administration under MBCC HB 69 DIED
LClj06 - Info. on concealed weapon permit application to be confidential SB 37 DIED
LClj07 - Revise statutory advisory councils and reports under DOJ HB 17 Enacted
LClj08 - Update criminal intelligence information statutes HB 44 DIED
LClj09 - Eliminate racial profiling report to the legislature SB 8 Enacted
LClj60 - Establish corrections advisory council SB 9 DIED
LClj62 - Eliminate report to committee on medical parole SB 51 Enacted
LClj325- Request interim study of Board of Pardons and Parole SJ 3 Passed

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