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LJIC Rule Review

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Administrative Rule Review

Administrative rules are state agency regulations, standards, or statements of general applicability that implement, interpret, or prescribe the policy, organization, procedure, or practice of a state agency. When proposing and adopting rules or when amending or repealing rules, most state agencies must comply with the Montana Administrative Procedure Act, also known as MAPA. For more information about administrative rules, click here.

Role of the Law and Justice Interim Committee

The legislature, including the Law and Justice Interim Committee, plays a significant role in the administrative rulemaking process because the legislature is authorized to review each administrative rule prior to the rule's formal adoption. As part of this rule-review process, legal staff for the Committee notifies the Committee of any concerns about the agency's compliance with state law, including MAPA. The legal staff's notification to the Committee is usually done in the form of a memorandum. The table below lists the rules reviewed by the Committee's legal staff and provides links to memorandums presented to the Committee during the interim. David Niss at is currently the legal staff for the Committee.

The Committee is authorized to review rules or rule amendments or repeals proposed by the following agencies:
Department of Corrections Department of Justice Judicial Branch


The Committee may object to a proposed administrative rule, amendment, or repeal. For a description of the Committee's authority and the objection process, click here.

Activities This Interim

The Secretary of State's Office maintains a website that provides detailed information about each rule. To view the rule addressed in a legal staff memo to the Committee, interested persons may go to that website and access the rule using the MAR Notice Number listed in the table below.

Agency Overview
MAR Notice Number
Staff Memo Committee
Department of Corrections
  Expansion of adult community corrections contracted treatment facilities or programs
31 Aug 2011
none recommended
  Siting, establishment, and expansion of prerelease centers


31 Aug 2011
none recommended
Department of Justice

Implementing the 24/7 sobriety program

31 Aug 2011
informal resolution
  Changes to implementing 24/7 sobriety proram
28 Nov 2011
changes adopted
  Gambling control
28 Nov 2011
none recommended
  Tow truck complaint resolution


28 Nov 2011
none recommended
Judicial Branch
  Rules of Civil Procedure - Supreme Court Order No. AF 07-0157 6 Oct 2011 pending


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