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Revenue and Transportation Staff Reports

HJR 13 Study: Individual Income Tax and Options for Revision

--Updated final report summary, August 2012
--Final report summary, July 2012
--Alternative Methods of Taxing Individual Income, Jeff Martin, April 2012
--Summary of Montana Tax Income, Jaret Coles, April 2012
--Review of State Income Tax and Select Income Tax Returns, Jaret Coles, February 2012
--Effect of Tax Credits on Individual Income Tax Rate, Stephanie Morrison, February 2012
--Married Tax Filers: 2007 and 2010, Stephanie Morrison, February 2012
--Individual Income Tax Credit & Deduction Analysis, Stephanie Morrison, December 2011
--Individual Income Tax in the United States and Montana, Jaret Coles, September 2011
--Analysis of Individual Income Tax Credits, Stephanie Morrison, September 2011
--Study plan, June 2011

SJR 17: Valuation of Centrally Assessed Property and Industrial Property for Tax Purposes

--Updated Final report summary, October 2012
--Final report summary, August 2012
--Briefing on Large Industrial Property Taxation, Megan Moore, July 2012
--Briefing on Centrally Assessed Property Appeals Process, Megan Moore, July 2012
--Overview of Selected States' Methods for Valuing Centrally Assessed Property, Jeff Martin, December 2011
--Summary of Major Centrally Assessed Cases, Jaret Coles, December 2011
--Overview of Property Classification, Assessment, and Taxation, Jeff Martin, September 2011
--Study plan, June 2011

SJR 23: Tax Exemptions for Nonprofit Organizations

--Updated final report summary, October 2012
--Updated final report summary, August 2012
--Final report summary, July 2012
--Projected Corporate Tax Payments, Megan Moore, April 2012
--Analysis of Limiting Exemptions, Megan Moore, April 2012
--Hospital Bad Debt and Charity Care updated data, Megan Moore, February 2012
--Unreimbursed Medicare and Medicaid Costs, Megan Moore, February 2012
--Analysis of Agricultural and Forest Property Owned by Nonprofit Organizations Concerned with Preservation, Megan Moore, December 2011
--Exempt Property in the Seven Most Populous Counties, Megan Moore, December 2011
--Additional Information re: Property Tax Exemptions in Other States, Megan Moore, December 2011
--Analysis of Hospital Charity Care and Bad Debt, Megan Moore, December 2011
--Background Report on Income and Property Tax Exemptions, Megan Moore, September 2011
--Study plan, June 2011

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