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Proposed Legislation

The Children, Families, Health, and Human Services Interim Committee proposed several bills as a result of its work during the 2013-2014 interim. It also authorized for early drafting and preintroduction one bill proposed by the Department of Public Health and Human Services.

Committee-proposed legislation is listed below by topic, followed by DPHHS-requested legislation.

The committee revised some bill drafts before taking final action. In those instances, each version of the bill draft is listed, including the final version approved for introduction in the 2015 Legislature. The official drafting (LC) number assigned to the approved bill drafts is listed in parentheses behind the subject of the bill. The bill's progress through the legislative process may be followed using the official LC number in the online bill-tracking system.

HJR 16 Study: State-Operated Institutions

SJR 20 Study: Prescription Drug Abuse

The committee approved the following SJR 20-related bill drafts.

The committee considered, but did not advance, the following bill drafts.

  • LCCF01: Pain Management Rules
  • LCCF09: Prescriptions for Minors

Legislation Related to Human Services

In August, stakeholders proposed a bill draft to appropriate $1.2 million to fund pilot projects for youth crisis diversion services. The committee agreed to introduce the measure as a committee bill; the draft will be posted when it becomes available.

  • LC 334: Youth Crisis Diversion Grants

Agency Legislation

The committee approved the legislative proposal submitted by the Department of Public Health and Human Services for preintroduction in the 2015 session.


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