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Environmental Quality Council Legislation

The EQC will begin to develop draft legislation based on its findings in the fall before the 2015 Legislative Session. The committee's legislative proposals will be listed here at that time.

HB 140 grew out of the EQC's study of the Department of Fish, Wildlife, and Parks' (FWP) hunting and fishing licenses. HB 140 decreased FWP's revenue-decision cycle from 10-years to 4-years, created a base hunting license, standardized discounts available to youth, senior, and disabled hunters, and allocated additional funding to the hunting access enhancement programs. The Legislature amended HB 140 to include creation of an apprentice hunting certificate. The governor signed HB 140 on May 11, 2015.

SB 64 was the result of the EQC's study of the Montana Heritage Preservation and Development Commission's (MHC) management of state-owned properties at Virginia City, Nevada City, and Reeder's Alley. SB 64 refocused the MHC's activities on management of properties already acquired and removed some statutory restrictions on how the MHC is funded and how funding may be used. The governor signed SB 64 on February 27, 2015.

SJ 2 requested an interim study of the feasibility of Montana assuming authority to administer Federal Section 404 permits required by the Clean Water Act. SJ 2 was passed and approved by the legislature.

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