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About Education and Local Government Interim Committee

The Education and Local Government (ELG) Interim Committee is a joint bipartisan committee of the legislature that meets between legislative sessions. The ELG’s statutory duties include review of proposed administrative rules and draft legislation, as well as completing any studies assigned to it. They also entail monitoring the operations of, and providing information to, the State Board of Education, the Board of Public Education, the Board of Regents of Higher Education, and the Office of Public Instruction. As the Montana Historical Society, the Montana Arts Council, and the Montana State Library Commission are allocated to the State Board of Education, ELG also provides oversight of those entities. Finally, the ELG acts as a liaison with cities and counties, providing an important forum for discussion of strong, effective governance at the community and county level.

The committee's work plan outlines how it will carry out its statutory duties and assigned study, as well as describing the addtional topics the committee decided to explore.



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