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Hazardous Waste Facilities in Montana

Facility Location Status
BNSF Somers Tie Treating Plant Somers Closed, 2001
BNSF Paradise tie treating site Paradise Permit modified, 2006
Calumet Montana Refining LLC Great Falls Permit issued, 1995
CHS Inc., Laurel Refinery Laurel Permit reissued, 2014
Exxon/Mobil Refining and Supply Co. Billings Permit reissued, 1999
Flying J Petroleums Inc. Cut Bank Order of consent issued in 2008 to maintain and clean up closed site
Loveland Products, Inc. (Transbas Inc.) Billings Corrective action order issued in 2015 to investigate and remediate site
Malmstrom Air Force Base Great Falls Permit reissued, 2012
Montana State University Bozeman Permit expired, 1998
Onyx Environmental Butte Permit expired, 2002
Phillips 66, Billings Land Treatment Unit Billings Entered closure phase, 2008
Phillips 66, Billings Refinery Billings Permit issued, 2002


Source: Hazardous Waste Program (DEQ)

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