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Economic Affairs Interim Committee Topics

SB 390

A study of how the Department of Labor and Industry determines licensing board fees commensurate with costs. See details here.

Meetings at which discussed:
Aug. 31- Overview of how and why fees are used for board budgets. Also, committee members had a tour of the facilities at the Department of Labor and Industry where staff work on licensing board issues.

Dec. 1-2 - Dicussion of how department assesses fees to cover board costs as well as charges made by the department for its services.

April 14 - Discussion of public and enterprise funding, antitrust and supervision concerns, and alternate methods of regulation.

June 22 - Discussion of active supervision bills, enterprise funding

HJR 29

A study of membership-based health care services, including membership-based ambulance services. Click here for documents.

Sept. 1 - Panel discussion on legal complications for addressing customers' concerns about costs of air ambulance service.

Dec. 2 - Panel discussions related to hospital interactions with air ambulances and costs, a review of survey results, information from state insurance and licensing regulators, and perceptions of air ambulance medical requirements.

Feb. 4 - Panel discussions by insurers and air ambulance representatives on billing and costs.

April 14 - Update on working group meetings.

June 22 - Update on working group meetings.

Aug. 30 - Review of proposed legislation. Comments

Emerging Issues

Broadband in Montana

Requested to be part of the workplan, the topic of broadband accessibility and affordability in Montana was or will be on the following agendas:

Aug. 31 - Panel discussion of broadband in Montana. Overview plus data provided by panel members.

Feb. 4 - Information to be presented about mapping options and how much money has been spent on broadband by various entities and from various sources.

April 14 - Information to be presented about rural broadband and wireless issues.

Related News Items: Oct. 2

Member Issues

Economic Development

Requested to be part of the workplan, the economic development topic includes an overview of programs and investments.

Sept. 1 - Presentations from the Governor's Office of Economic Development and the Department of Commerce.

Feb. 5 - Followups on economic development investments and ROI.

Workers' Comp for Emergency Responders

This issue is to be discussed at the June 2016 meeting.


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