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About the Judicial Redistricting Commission

House Bill 430 (2015) created a seven-member Judicial Redistricting Commission. The bill required the commission to study whether judicial redistricting is necessary using the following factors:

  • the population of the judicial districts as determined by the latest figures prepared and issued by the United States Census Bureau;
  • each judicial district's weighted caseload as determined by judicial workload studies;
  • the relative proportions of civil, criminal, juvenile, and family law cases in each judicial district;
  • the extent to which special masters, alternative dispute resolution techniques, and other measures have been used in the judicial districts;
  • the distances in highway miles between county seats in existing judicial districts and any judicial districts that may be proposed by the commission;
  • the impact on counties of any changes proposed in the judicial districts; and
  • any other factors that the commission considers significant to the determination of whether the state's judicial districts should be redistricted.

The commission members included two legislators, two district court judges, a district court clerk, a county commissioner, and a member of the State Bar. The bill required the Legislative Services Division to provide staff assistance to the commission.

The Judicial Redistricting Commission met four times between September 2015 and August 2016. After disscussion, the commission voted against recommending any of the six redistricting proposals it considered to the 2017 Legislature and determined that redistricting is not necessary and not the appropriate way to address the need for additional judges.

The commission's final report to the 2017 Legislature is available here.

More information about current judicial districts can be found at the Montana Judicial Branch website.



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***Written comments submitted to the commission are considered a public record pursuant to Montana law and may be subject to public disclosure under the right-to-know provisions of the Montana Constitution.

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