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Task Force on State Public Defender Operations

Task Force Bills For 2017 Session

Click here to go to LAWS and find the most recent text of the bills as they make their way through the session.

  • LC 432 (working draft LCpd1a) – provide an overall agency director appointed by the governor, convert the public defender commission to an advisory body, provide that the commission shall nominate three candidates for director, provide that the governor shall select a the director from the list of nominees, and provide that the director would be hired position, not a politically-appointed position so that the director could only be removed with cause.

  • LC 437 (working draft LCpd09) – eliminate the statutory requirement for the chief appellate defender to confer with chief public defender on the office of appellate defender’s budget.

  • LC 439 (working draft LCpd04) – transfer determination of eligibility for public defender services to the Department of Public Health and Human Services.

  • LC 440 (working draft LCpd05) – provide that the Montana Department of Revenue is responsible for collecting any fees for public defender services imposed by a judge pursuant to section 46-8-113, Montana Code Annotated.

  • LC 441 (working draft LCpd06) – establish a holistic defense pilot program in up to four public defender office locations across the state.

  • LC 442 (working draft LCpd07) – require the Office of State Public Defender to contract for a workload assessment study.

  • LC 443 (working draft LCpd10) – revise appointment of a public defender to a putative father in a dependent neglect case.

  • LC 444 (no working draft prepared) - revise appointment of a public defender to an absentee parent in a dependent neglect case.


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