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Revenue & Transportation Interim Committee Legislation

The committee proposed 14 bills as a result of its work during the 2015-2016 interim. Committee-proposed legislation is listed below by topic. Legislation requested by the Department of Revenue and Department of Transportation is listed here.

The official drafting (LC) number assigned to the approved bill drafts is listed in parenthesis after the subject of the bill. The bill's progress may be tracked using the official LC number in the online bill-tracking system.

Study-Related Legislation

  • Tax increment financing
    • LCtif3 - Removes certain mills from tax increment financing (amendments approved) (LC 414)
    • LCtif5 - Amends reporting requirements (LC 413)
    • LCtif6 - Amends remittance laws (LC 412)
    • LCtif7 - Amends laws related to an urban renewal agency board of commissioners (amendments approved) (LC 411)
  • Elderly homeowner and renter credit
    • LC2ec1 - Allows credit for property not subject to property taxes (LC 410)
  • Highway State Special Revenue Account
    • LChsra - Revises deposit and expenditure of highway revenue (amendments approved) (LC 415)
  • Property taxable value neutrality
    • LCag01 - Values 1 acre under a residence as class four property (LC 406)
    • LCag02 - Eliminates nonqualified agricultural property designation (LC 407)
    • LCag04 - Simplifies 15-7-202, no policy changes (amendments approved) (LC 408)
    • LCag4b - 1 acre minimum for agricultural classification (LC 409)
  • Tax liens and tax deeds
    • LCtl01 - Working group recommendations (amended to include LCtl02) (LC 405)

Other Legislation

  • LCfix1 - Corrects errors from 2-year reappraisal bill (LC 404)
  • LCincr - Repeals income tax credit relief multiple (LC 403)
  • LCbelt - Primary enforcement of seatbelt laws (revised 9/8/16) (LC 402)



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