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Commission on Sentencing Legislation

The Commission on Sentencing voted to forward 12 bills to the 2017 Legislature. A table listing the bills' numbers, summaries, and final status can be downloaded here.

The commission also voted in September 2016 to lend its support to the Supreme Court's existing bill draft LC 188 (now Senate Bill 45), which would revise treatment court laws. That letter is available here.

House or Senate Bill No. LC # Commission Draft # Short Title
SB 59 552 LCj001 Generally revise criminal justice laws
SB 60 553 LCj002 Generally revise criminal justice laws
HB 133 554 LCj003 Generally revise sentencing laws
HB 143 555 LCj018 Generally revise criminal justice laws
SJ 3 556 LCj012 Interim study of tribal resources for members involved in crim justice system
SB 61 557 LCj009 Requiring certain facilities providing behavioral health srvcs to be lic by DPHHS
SB 62 558 LCj10B Certification for behavioral health peer support specialists
SB 63 559 LCj011 Revise laws related to supervision of offenders/defendants
SB 64 560 LCj013 Generally revise laws related to the board of pardons and parole
SB 65 561 LCj015 Generally revise laws regarding housing options for offenders
SB 66 562 LCj016 Generally revise the crime victims compensation act
SB 67 563 LCj017 Generally revise offender intervention program laws



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