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Montana Developmental Center Closure

The 2015 Legislature passed Senate Bill 411, which required closure of the Montana Developmental Center by June 30, 2017. MDC is the state-run facility for seriously developmentally disabled adults who have been committed to the facility by a court because they pose a danger to themselves or others.

The 2017 Legislature subsequently passed House Bill 387, which extended the closure date for residential cottages until June 30, 2019, and allowed a 12-bed secure facility to remain open as an intensive behavioral center. Individuals must be committed by a court to the intensive behavioral center.

The 2017 Legislature also passed House Bill 458, which requires the Department of Public Health and Human Services to monitor MDC residents during their stay at MDC and for an additional two years after they are placed in community services. The monitoring must assess whether a person's skills, abilities, and behaviors have improved, diminished, or remained unchanged while in treatment or in a community placement. The agency must report annually to the Children and Families Committee on the aggregate results of the monitoring.

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