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Environmental Quality Council - Committee Topics

SJ 5 (Coal Phase-Out)
-SJ 5
SJ 9 (Chronic Wasting Disease)

-SJ 9
-Surveillance plan
-Management plan


-2007-2008 Fire Suppression Committee summary and fire protection assessments
-2007-2008 Fire Suppression Committee recommendations and final status of legislation
-Fire protection fee, 2008, LFD
-Selected fire protection assessment MCA sections, 2017
-Fire protection assessment fact sheet, FY 2008
-Fire suppression funding, 2016, LFD

Natural Heritage Program
-Montana Natural Heritage Program history with the MT Noxious Weed Trust Fund
Report on Natural Resources Status
-A Brief History of the EQC and its Quest for Data and Trends, LSD
Program Evaluations
Invasive Species

AIS agency reports
-DFWP, Sept 2017
-Map of 2017 inspection stations
-Hours of inspection station operation, 2017
-Dept. of Agriculture, Sept 2017

-Montana Invasive Species Framework

State Parks

-State parks program evaluation, Sept 2017
-Parks in Focus memo from governor
-State Parks Futures Committee II Report, 2002
-Revised Lands Policy, Feb 2017

Hard Rock Mining

Hard rock mining program evaluation, Sept 2017

Agency Oversight

Orphan share remedial action updates
June 2017

Cabin and home site sales report, July 2017

Dog training
Revision to proposed permit rule and memo from DFWP Director Williams

Grizzly bears
Recovery and delisting of Yellowstone grizzly bear news release
-HJ 15
-Endangered Species Act Basics
-Endangered Species Act History
-Endangered Species Act Recovery Program
-Grizzly bear recovery plan, 1993

Wolf management
Annual Report 2016


-Brucellosis Management in the State of Montana, Performance Audit
-Brucellosis-related appropriations request, June 2017
-Maps, Year-round habitat for bison EA, December 2015

Sage Grouse

-Sage grouse conservation grant fund, 1st funding cycle, May 2017
-Montana sage-grouse mitigation principles and processes
-Sage grouse mitigation brief sheet

Other Topics

Natural resource 2017 legislation summary

Environmental indicators

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