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State-Tribal Relations Committee Topics

Study Topics
SJ 3 (Access to Tribal Resources for Tribal Members in the State Criminal Justice System)
-SJ 3
Improving Indian Student Achievement

-American Indian Student Achievement Data Report, OPI, Fall 2016
-Indian student achievement data compilation, Sept 2017

Language immersion charter school information from 2015-2016 interim
- Potential impacts on student outcomes, LSD
- For This Place, for These People: An Exploration of Best Practices Among Charter Schools Serving Native Students
- Accreditation standard variances for charter programs, 10.55.604(11), ARM


Indian Health Care

- ACA Provisions that affect health care for American Indians and Alaska Natives, LSD

Other Topics

Suicide Prevention

- Montana Native Youth Suicide Reduction Strategic Plan, 2017

Missing Persons in Indian Country

- Human Trafficking: Information on Cases in Indian Country or that Involved Native Americans, GAO-17-624, July 2017
- Montana's missing & endangered, a review of existing programs and services, DOJ


- 2017 State-tribal relations legislative summary


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