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SJR 35 Subcommittee Issues

The SJR 35 Subcommittee was charged to look at the purpose of a board and board budgets as well as to study topics raised in SJR 35.

        Also review comments from work group meetings in 2005

        For budget information, also see 2/10/06 meeting materials

         This national website shows what is regulated in MT
         Click here for health care boards, here for other boards

  • Comments regarding WHY a board?

      Montana Psychological Association to be or not

     Body Work & Massage Therapists' overviews
             for work subgroups 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5, cover letter

     Why Nursing Board is needed - Dickenson
     Why Nursing Board is needed - Ballinger
     Why Nursing Board is needed - McNeely
     Why Nursing Board is needed - Prescott

     Why Dieticians/Nutritionists should be licensed

     Why a Marriage & Family Therapist license

     Why a board for engineers, surveyors - Ruffner

     Board of Landscape Architects fees
     Landscape Architects accounting, philosophy
     Landscape Architects - recommendations
     Landscape Architects - safety and function

     Combine design boards - Hummel

  • Board complaints or kudos?
    You can contact boards here (health or business)


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