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SJR 35 Comments

For comments on SJR 35 topics after 2006 click here

Comments on SJR 35 topics from meetings prior to 2006:

GROUP 1 - Role of Boards/Consolidation Questions
 Suggestions for disciplinary proceedings - Jim Smith


Comments on Board Value to Public Health, Safety, Welfare
 Dan Bernhardt
 Sandra Dickenson

Information for board creation/purpose - Repealed sunrise statutes

Comments for October 28 EAC meeting:
 From the Montana Psychological Association
 From the Montana Board of Dentistry

Combined comments on 10-12-05 meeting topics

Individual comments regarding 10-12-05 meeting topics:
 Rep. Paul Clark
 Robin Cunningham, Executive Director, Fishing Outfitters Assn. of Montana
 George Edwards
 Shelly Engler, Board of Landscape Architects
 Pat Fournier, Montana Hearing Society
 Don Hargrove
 Mona Jamison
 Jennie Meinershagen
 Susan Raph, Board of Nursing
 Jim Smith, Montana Pharmacy Association
 George Watson
 Kent Watson
 Business League of Massage Therapy and Bodywork

Paper copies of comments from the Montana Dental Hygienists' Association, Lori Ballinger, and Susan Good are available on request.

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