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February 10, 2006 Meeting

Agenda and Minutes

Meeting Materials

Briefing paper on Social Security Numbers

Comparison of Security Freeze proposals (REVISED)

Background for SJR 35 Study
     Health Care, Business and Occupational Personnel Costs
     Organization charts*:
     Health Care before, after reorganization
     Business & Occupational before, after reorganization
     *Note: the organization charts are designed for 8x14 paper

Rule Review


Montana State Fund


Regarding medical assistants rule:
Memo from Montana Nurses' Association
House Bill No. 321
MAR Notice No. 24-156-62 Issue 24
Minutes from 2/21/2003 re: HB 321
Recommendations for MA rules
Donna McCreedy testimony on HB 321
AARP Letter on MAR 24-156-62
Testimony on HB 321, Hugh Hetherington
Article by Michael McCarty AMT Events 3/2003
**If there is no link, contact staff for print copy. There may be a copying charge.



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