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July 14, 2006, Meeting Materials


SJR 38 - Identity Theft bill drafts and background info
                Security Freeze revised bill draft
                           Explanation of sections, issues remaining
                           ChoicePoint May, June
                           Consumers Union May, June, Addendum
                           CDIA data on other states' laws, A-NV, NH-W
                 Extending breach notification to government
                 Providing assistance to ID theft victims
                 Regulating off-site hardware/software use
                 Social Security Number display, collection
                           Agency use of Social Security Numbers, summary
                Appropriation bill, data for ID theft education

SJR 35 Study of Licensing Boards
                 Sunrise proposal
                 Board - miscellaneous
                 Board review of existing boards
                           Boards by licensee numbers, budgets
                           Explanation of above bill drafts

Other Bill Draft Proposals
                 Revised definition of new motor vehicle dealer
                Appropriation for Montana Equity Capital Investment

Rule Review



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