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Law & Justice Interim Committee

Committee Staff

Sheri Heffelfinger, Lead Staff
Valencia Lane, Attorney
Fong Hom, Secretary

General Information

Statutory Duties


Updated Work Plan

Meeting Information

*NOTE: Meeting notices, agendas, minutes and staff reports are posted below as soon as they become available. Minutes are generally not available until 2 or 3 weeks after the meeting. Audio tapes of the meetings are available upon request.

Meeting dates Locations Study/ Activity Agendas


Staff Reports

Calendar 2005
July 26

Rm 102, Capitol

Study Plan



Study Plan Proposal

Sep. 21

Rm 102, Capitol

SJR 6: Background Report: Civil Legal Services
PowerPoint Slides PDF or PPT

Sep. 22
Rm 102, Capitol
SJR 40

SJR 40: Background Report: County Attorney Services
PowerPoint Slides PDF or PPT

Nov. 17

Rm 102, Capitol
SJR 6 & SJR 40


SJR 6: Defining Needs and What Comes Next

SJR 40: Spreadsheets & Analysis of County Data
(EXCEL Workbook & PDF of Bullet Points)

Calendar 2006
Jan. 19
Rm 102, Capitol



SJR 6: Options to Support Pro Se Statewide


Feb. 17

Rm 152, Capitol
SJR 6: Subcommittee



March 22-23
Billings Sheraton

SJR 6, SJR 40

Pro Se Subcommittee: LCpro1 bill draft and Comments

May 11-12
Rm 137 Capitol
SJR 6, SJR 40
Agency Legislation.

LC 71 - Bill Draft
Summary of LC 71

LC 72 - Subcommittee Mark-up
LC 72 - Clean Bill Draft
Subcommittee Report on LC 72

Rule Review Issue
Legal memo on JDIP
Audit Report on JDIP
Audit Summary on JDIP

June 29-30
44 W. Park St., Butte
SJR 6, SJR 40
Public Defender
HJR 15
August 7 MACo Conference Room Public Defender Subcommittee Agenda Minutes

LSD staff report
MACo summary
Gov's Budget Office chart

Aug. 31
Rm 102 Capitol
Final Recommendations


Committee Activities

Assigned Studies

SJR 6 - Civil Legal Services for Moderate to Low Income Montanans
SJR 40 - County Attorney Services for the State and Counties
HJR 15 - Sentencing Equity
- HJR 15 White Paper on Studying Disproportionate Minority Contact in the Criminal Justice System

State Agency Monitoring - Rule Review Matters

Judicial Branch
Department of Justice
Department of Corrections
Public Defender Commission

Committee Legislation

LC 71 - General Revision of Prosecution Services Act
LC 72 - Access to Civil Legal Services Act
LC888 - Entitlement share adjustment, Public Defender Act (official LC # pending)

How to Contact Us

Legislative Services Division
PO Box 201706
Helena, MT 59620-1706
Phone: (406)444-3064
FAX: (406)444-3036

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