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SJR 5: Emergency Medical Services

The 2007 Legislature approved Senate Joint Resolution 5, for a study of emergency medical services in Montana to determine the issues that communities face and to identify strategies for ensuring that services remain in place throughout the state.

At its Aug. 22, 2008, meeting, the committee approved seven bills designed to help with recruitment, retention, and cost issues for volunteer EMS providers and to clarify existing laws as proposed in a performance audit of the state agencies overseeing EMS activities. The committee also approved sending letters to the Department of Public Health and Human Services and the Department of Labor to follow up on other issues that were raised in the audit but did not require legislative action.

The committee bills will be introduced in the 2009 Legislature.

Study Plan

Staff Reports

Related Study Materials

The following materials have been presented by individuals invited to speak to the committee on EMS-related issues:

Draft Legislation

After 14 months of study and public comment, the committee approved the following seven bill drafts for introduction in the 2009 Legislature. The drafts will receive House Bill or Senate Bill numbers when they are formally introduced. They can be followed through the Legislature's bill-tracking system to determine their status at any point in the process, by using the LC number listed below.

The committee also asked two state agencies to follow up on other audit issues:

  • Department of Public Health and Human Services Letter
  • Department of Labor and Industry Letter

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