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Children, Families, Health and Human Services Interim Committee

Proposed Legislation

Throughout the interim, the Children and Families Committee considered bill drafts related to its ongoing studies and also to other health and human services matters under its jurisdiction. Following is a list of legislation approved by the committee for introduction in the 2009 Legislature, by topic. The bills can be followed to determine their status at any point in the process by using the LC number listed below in the Legislature's bill-tracking system.

SJR 5 Study: Emergency Medical Services

SJR 15 Study: Health Care Delivery System

The committee in August 2008 split into three different bill drafts an economic credentialing/conflict of interest bill that was considered during most of the interim as LC 38. The committee approved the introduction of the following bills:

  • SB 26: Revise and Extend Economic Credentialing Law (LC 341)
  • SB 52: Prohibit Kickbacks and Conflict of Interest for Health Care Providers (LC 342)
  • SB 51: Describing Health Care Provider Responsibilities, including Disclosure on Referrals (LC343)
  • LC 38: Economic Credentialing/Conflicts of Interest (Canceled, August 2008)

The committee did not act on two bill drafts -- LC 8887 and LC 8888 -- addressing specialty hospitals, deciding to wait instead to see what action is taken on bills pending in Congress.

Committee-Requested Legislation

The committee considered a number of bill drafts on matters falling within its jurisdiction and approved the following for introduction in the 2009 Legislature:

  • LC 41: Clarify Exclusions from Dangerous Drug Schedules
  • LC 42: Repeal the Sunset Provision of the Hospital Bed Tax
  • LC 43: Clarify Duration of Caretaker Relative Educational Authorization Affidavit
  • LC 148: Friend of the Respondent -- Briefing Paper

At its August 2009 meeting, the committee canceled LC 149, involving the review and setting of provider rates, to give the Commission on Provider Rates and Services more time to work on legislation and introduce it as a non-committee bill. The committee also amended LC 150, involving administrative rules, and referred it to the State Administration and Veterans' Affairs Interim Comittee, which will consider the draft at its Sept. 15 meeting.

Agency Legislation

The committee authorized the drafting and pre-introduction of the following bills at the request of the Department of Public Health and Human Services:


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