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CFHHS Meeting Materials and Links

Full Meeting Schedule

June 26, 2007
Sept. 24, 2007
Nov. 16, 2007
Jan. 24, 2008 -- SJR 15 Subcommittee
Jan. 25, 2008
Feb. 11, 2008 -- SJR 15 Subcommittee
March 17-18, 2008
June 10-11, 2008
Aug. 21-22, 2008
Oct. 14, 2008

For Meetings that have audio with minutes, please use the audio archive lookup page.

Oct. 14, 2008: Meeting Materials and Links

Audio Timeline
Mental Health Study: Items for Possible Committee Action
Mental Health Study: Items for Possible DPHHS Action

Final Report: Legislative Mental Health Study
-- DMA Health Strategies Final Report Presentation
-- Full Report -- Draft (This version will be revised based on comments received at the Oct. 14 meeting)
-- Executive Summary and Summary of Recommendations
-- Introduction, Methodology, and Findings on the DPHHS Mental Health System
-- Financing Opportunities and Organizational Recommendations
-- Mental Health Needs in the Criminal Justice System
-- Appendices
-- Policy Research Associates Attachments (Justice-Involved Individuals)
-- Errata

Mental Health and Justice-Involved Individuals
Summary of Law and Justice Interim Committee bill drafts
-- LC 307
-- LC 516
-- LC 517
-- LC 329

Mental Health System Financing
-- System of Care Account: FY 2008 Report
-- System of Care Account: First Quarter FY 2009 Report

Mental Health System Organization
-- Briefing Paper: Montana's History with Managed Mental Health Care

Aug. 21-22, 2008: Meeting Materials and Links

Draft Agenda
August 21 Minutes
August 22 Minutes
Aug. 21 -- Audio Timeline
Aug.22 -- Audio Timeline

SJR 5 Study
-- LCS5-1: EMT License Plates/Tax Credit
-- LCS5-2: EMS Staffing Levels
-- LCS5-3: EMT on Board of Medical Examiners
-- LCS5-4: EMS Tax Incentives
-- LCS5-5: EMS grant program
-- LSC5-6: Confidentiality of EMS Run Review
-- LCS5-7: Medical Direction/EMS Complaints
-- LSC5-7 Briefing Paper
-- Revised Definition of Volunteer EMT
-- Revisions to EMS Bill Drafts

SJR 15 Study
-- LC 38: Economic Credentialing/Conflicts of Interest
-- LC 38: Explanation of Changes to July 22 Draft
-- LC 38: Review of Stark and Antikickback Acts
-- LC 8887: Extend Moratorium on Specialty Hospitals
-- LC 8888: Revise Definition and Licensing of Specialty Hospitals
-- Hospital Lending Practices: Memo and Summary Table
-- Statutory Requirements in Selected States: Health Care Facility Information

Mental Health Study
-- DMA Health Strategies Presentation

Committee-Requested Legislation
-- LC 148: Friend of the Respondent -- Briefing Paper
-- LC 149 and LC 149b (revised version): Principles and Methodology for Provider Rates
-- LC 150: Sponsor Notification in Administrative Rulemaking -- Briefing Paper

Agency Monitoring
-- DPHHS Legislation: Delayed/Amended Birth Certificates
-- DPHHS Legislation: Streamlining Child Support Enforcement
-- DPHHS Legislation: Senior and Long-Term Care Accountability Rules
-- DPHHS Legislation: Child Welfare Placeholder
-- DPHHS Legislation: Medicaid Third-Party Liability
-- DPHHS Legislation: Medicaid Buy-in Program
-- DPHHS Legislation: Volunteers-Public Health Health Emergencies
-- DPHHS Legislation: ER and Hospital Discharge Data
-- DPHHS Legislation: EMS Statutory Clarifications
-- Rule Review

June 10-11, 2008: Meeting Materials and Links

Minutes: June 10 Full Committee -- June 11 Full Committee
June 10 -- Audio Timeline
June 11 SJR 15 Subcommittee
June 11 Full Commitee -- Audio Timeline

SJR 5 Study
-- LCS5-1 -- Briefing Paper
-- LCS5-2 -- Briefing Paper
-- LCS5-3 -- Briefing Paper
-- LCS5-4 -- Briefing Paper
-- LCS5-5 -- Briefing Paper
-- LCS5-6 -- Briefing Paper
-- SJR 5 Study: Other Statutory References
-- Legislative Audit Memo on EMS-Related Issues

SJR 15 Study
-- Revised version of LC 38 with May 28 comments
-- Links to additional comment received on LC 38
-- Health Care Facility Survey: Summary, Services, Staffing, Payor Mix 1, 2
-- Briefing Paper: Employment, Staffing, and Insurance Issues

Mental Health Study
-- DMA Health Strategies Update
-- Mental Health Parity: General Overview
-- Children's Systems of Care

Agency Monitoring: DPHHS
-- Rule Review

March 17-18, 2008: Meeting Materials and Links

Minutes: March 17 SJR 15 Subcommittee -- March 17 Full Committee -- March 18 Full Committee
March 17 -- Audio Timeline
March 18 -- Audio Timeline

SJR 5 Study
-- Summary of Testimony

SJR 15 Study
-- LC 38:Economic Credentialing/Conflict of Interest -- Initial Version -- Revised Version
-- LC8888:Specialty Hospitals -- Initial Version -- Revised Version
-- Memo on Initial Bill Drafts -- Memo on Revised Bill Drafts
-- Links to Comments Received on Bill Drafts
-- Health Care Facility Survey Update
-- Hospices and End-of-Life Care in Montana
-- Charity Care and Other Community Benefits

Mental Health Study
-- Overview of Montana's Publicly Funded Mental Health System
-- Montana State Hospital Update
-- DMA Health Strategies Presentation

Draft Corrective Legislation
-- LC 41: Clarify exclusions from dangerous drug schedules
-- LC 42: Repeal the sunset provision of the hospital bed tax
-- LC 43: Clarify duration of the caretaker relative educational authorization affidavit

Agency Monitoring: DPHHS
-- Rule Review

Feb. 11, 2008: SJR 15 Subcommittee Materials

Bill Draft on Conflict of Interest, Economic Credentialing
Comments on Specialty Hospitals

Jan. 25, 2008: Meeting Materials and Links

Jan.25 -- Audio Timeline

SJR 5 Study
-- EMS in Montana PowerPoint
-- Reimbursement Issues PowerPoint
-- EMS Elsewhere: Ideas and Approaches Power Point

SJR 15 Study
Hospital Charity Care and Pricing Study and Addendum
Requirements in Selected States: Health Care Facility Pricing/Quality and Insurance Information
Delivering Healthcare Through Community Health Centers PowerPoint
Health Care Facility Survey and Cover Letter
NSCL Community Benefit/Tax Exemption Report
Health Information Technology: Continuity of Care Record

Mental Health Study
-- Study RFP: Review and Recommendation of Proposals

Agency Monitoring: DPHHS
Explanation of Proposed Cleanup Legislation
-- Rule Review
-- Legal Memorandum: Proposed Changes to Vital Statistics Administrative Rules

Jan. 24, 2008: SJR15 Subcommittee Materials

--Benefis statement
--St. Peter's Hospital statement and conflict of interest policy
--Dr. Paul Byorth statement
--Dr. Jim Elliott statement
--Dr. Keith Popovich statement
--Patti Jo Lane statement

Nov. 16, 2007: Meeting Materials and Links

Nov. 16 -- Audio Timeline

SJR 5 Study
-- Briefing Paper: EMS by the Numbers
-- Education and Quality Issues in EMS
-- Blackfeet Tribal EMS

SJR 15 Study
-- Updated: Table of Montana Hospitals
-- Updated: Table of Specialized Health Care Facilities in Montana
-- Transparency: Pricing/Quality Transparency
-- Transparency: Texas Center for Health Statistics
-- Transparency: Arizona Hospital Cost Comparisons
-- Transparency: Wisconsin PricePoint
-- Transparency: Pennsylvania Health Care Cost Containment Council Report and Sample Page

Mental Health Study
-- RFP: Explanation and Draft Language and Decision Log Sheet (as approved Nov. 16, 2007)
-- Rhode Island's Integrated Family and Community System of Care

Agency Monitoring: DPHHS
-- DPHHS Rule Review

Sept. 24, 2007: Meeting Materials and Links

Sept. 24 -- Audio Timeline

SJR 5 Study
--- Briefing Paper: The Evolution of Montana's EMS Laws
--- Professional Licensing of Emergency Medical Technicians
--- Montana Emergency Medical Services: A Guide for Elected Officials

SJR 15 Study
--- Topics to Consider
--- Table of SJR 15-Related Definitions, Issues
--- Table of Montana Hospitals
--- Table of Specialized Health Care Facilities in Montana (Draft)
--- Table of Community Health Centers and Rural Health Clinics
--- Tax Treatment of Nonprofit Entities
--- Review of Related Court Cases

Agency Monitoring: DPHHS
Community Services Block Grant
DPHHS Rule Review

June 26, 2007: Meeting Materials

Draft Work Plan
SJR 5 Draft Study Plan
SJR15 Draft Study Plan
HJR48 Draft Study Plan
Mental Health Appropriation Decision Points
Summary of Health and Human Services Legislation
Rules Review Brochure
DPHHS Rule Review


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