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Universal System Benefits


69-8-402, MCA
Public utilities and cooperative utilities are required to submit an annual summary report of universal system benefits programs to the ETIC for review.

A universal system benefits (USB) charge is assessed on electricity and natural gas customers in Montana to pay for certain public purpose programs. In 1997 S.B. 390 established the Universal System Benefits charge for all electric distribution utilities at 2.4 percent of 1995 electric utility revenues to begin January 1, 1999.

All utilities and coopertives are required to file an annual report with the Department of Revenue detailing their USBP expenditures. Large customres claiming credit for USBP activities, also must file a report.

Work Plan

The committee allocated .05 FTE to the USB issue. On the topic of USB, the committee will review utility reports and collect public comment on USB. The electric USB currently in law expires in December 2009.

The committee will receive a summary of the comments received regarding USB and discuss potential legislation.

Staff Reports

USB PowerPoint presentation -- Overview

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