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Fire Suppression Committee Meeting Materials

Meeting Materials and Meeting Documents

Feb. 15th, 2008

The following documents were provided to the WUI Subcommittee

Proposal for New Research into the Cost of Fire Suppression in the Wildland-Urban Interface -- Headwaters Economics
Wildland Firefighting and Structure Protection in Montana, Position Paper -- Montana County Firewardens' Association
Options for Consideration by the WUI Subcommittee -- Leanne Heisel, Legislative Services Division

The following documents were provided by Barb Smith, Legislative Fiscal Division, to the Infrastructure Subcommittee

Fire Protection Assessment Fact Sheet
Fire Protection Fee Analysis
DNRC Fire Program Critical Resource Needs
Analysis of Critical Resource Needs
Funding Options for Consideration by the Infrastructure Subcommittee

Additional documents provided to Infrastructure Subcommittee

Comments provided by Rep. Chas Vincent

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